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Believe it or not I’ve been through many a fight
And a war of wills with the devil within sight
When others got up and fled into the night
I was trying to stop the rise of the fourth Reich.

And a long time ago in Germany I took a vow,
After I saw the monument over there at Dachau.
This place we’re in is not OK for now
and they will want our help if time will allow.

That’s why I break my silence to condemn the hate
And I hope my words were not heard too late
I hoped for a life of peace we could all create,
My goal was a home of the brave American state.

And I can tell you we’ll do it all by the book,
Our tax returns we did not have to cook.
We were all willing to pledge whatever it took.
If we act right now there’s a pretty good Outlook.

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