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All Areas Access

Some guy at the Diamond Alley Club gave me the pass,
it was a sure guarantee to give me All Areas Access.

The Club was playing my favorite song,
the line out front was extremely long.

I showed it to the security girl at the front door
she said that the pass would give me much more.

I could go backstage and talk with the band
or listen to the music from the upper strand.

Either which way it was like mining gold.
The band was fantastic like the critics told.

And without my all areas access ID card,
to top this experience would really be hard.

It reminded me of the days of her passport black
with my best friend Cliff right there at my back.

Those days are gone but the war rages on,
not quite to the point of the new geo dawn.

That’s when the solar waves will flow to the road
it will be a shock that somebody cracked the code.

But for now it’s All Areas Access at the Diamond Alley Club
where I truly believe I’m at the world-wide hub.

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