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Point Counterpoint

As I walked across the room towards you,
It was clear to me that the place was a zoo.
Somebody was laying down a rule of thumb,
if you couldn't follow, you really looked dumb.

The point was made, and well taken by me,
the election was near and I wanted to flee.
A speaker stood up and hit the hammer on a table,
the counterpoint came back all broadcast on cable.

The debate took over, no words got in edgewise.
then cursing broke out and all parties had to rise.
I took my computer to the charging station,
to leave the gathering alive would be my vacation.

Then the walls of the chamber, began to shake.
It was as if a birth was about to take place.
And from in the distance I heard an old voice,
"Progress or perfection? You have a choice."

For a good counterpoint could be something new,
and the hits kept on coming, no argument ensued.
Then after the vote everyone started to shout:
for an ironclad agreement had been hammered out.

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